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2020 Outstanding Logging Contractor of the Year nominees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the CWF 2020 Spring Meeting in early April was cancelled, including the annual Awards’ Banquet where for the last 19 years, the CWF and members of the forest sector have recognized and congratulated the nominees and recipients of the Outstanding Logging Contractor of the Year Award.

Despite all the pandemic havoc, we are happy to announce that over the summer months we will be introducing the six chosen nominees for both the harvesting and trucking awards. This will include providing a company profile for each nominee, with an on-site announcement of the two winners and presentation of the prestigious peaveys later in the summer! 

ANNOUNCING our nominees for the
2020 Atlantic Outstanding Forestry Contractor of the Year Award!

Harvesting Category

        • C&D Bond Forestry Ltd. Rawdon Gold Mines, NS – Darcy & Chris Bond
        • DBM Logging Ltd., Doaktown, NBDaryl and Brandi Munn
        • Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd.Frenchvale, NS – Brent MacInnis
        • STAO Foresterie Ltee St-Joseph de Madawaska, Edmundston, NB – Steve Landry

Forest Trucking Category

        • Doug Mallory Trucking Ltd., Millbrook, NB. – Doug Mallory
        • Tim Mutch Trucking Ltd.Sillikers, NB – Tim Mutch

The Canadian Woodlands Forum would like to congratulate all logging & trucking contractors and their staff who were nominated for this award! Having been nominated for the Award recognizes your commitment to responsible environmental performance, employee safety and training, and professional business practices.

The CWF is proud to support today’s forestry professionals!

2020 nominee PROFILES

C&D Bond Forestry Ltd.

Rawdon Gold Mines, NS – Darcy & Chris Bond

From Central Nova Scotia, meet Chris and Darcy Bond; a brother duo who got their start working in the woods in the aftermath of Hurricane Juan back in 2003. They were both teenagers just finishing high school at the time and saw the opportunity to make some money after school and on weekends, running chain saws with an old 209 Timberjack skidder on their family woodlot; the rest is history.    

Chris and Darcy are still young contractors by today’s standard. Their work ethic, commitment and attitude towards the sustainability of their business, the environment, good forest management and maintenance practices supersede their years in business.

With the support of their parents, in 2005 they purchased a Valmet tractor and Arbro stroke harvester head and by 2015 they had grown to a mix of single grips, fellerbunchers and porters, 8 machines in total. Today they have settled into a more comfortable size of operation with two other full time operators, running three harvesters and two forwarders as needed on a single shift. Last year they harvested 30,000 tonnes, predominantly on small private woodlots & company Crown operations. They provide a production/quality bonus to employees based on maximizing logs and studs. Last year, 49% was pulpwood for Northern Pulp, thus leading to concerns over the marketplace this year.

    • Chris and Darcy are both on the job every day promoting a team approach. Chris handles all the business and operational calls from his 570 harvester, with modifications to assist him in accessing the cab. Darcy provides the maintenance expertise and block layout. Being a truly family business, their mother does the books and father does parts runs if needed.

    • For Chris and Darcy, communication with employees is key in making them aware and helping understand the business demands. With a strong focus on safety, they have operated for 15 years without a Lost Time Accident. New hires are provided cross training on the machines to add flexibility and maintain overall productivity.

    • Their equipment replacement philosophy is a key part of their successful business model of controlling costs and reducing overhead - buy good used at the right price, adding a well-organized preventative maintenance program. One crewcab service truck provides operator travel and on board slip tanks for fuel - primary fuel storage is at the shop. Their garage is well equipped and neat. Parts and supplies – watch for deals and buy in bulk for the year if deal is right. Spare hoses are made up at a local hydraulic shop, kept on the machines.  

    • Lead machines have FPDats, They do all their own layout on both private and Company land, undertaking a variety of different prescriptions with more focus on partial cuts/variable retention in the past few years.
    • Maintenance and productivity are tracked via logbooks, one for each machine. They keep track daily of tree count, volume, what’s trucked, and inventory roadside.

hugh macinnis lumber ltd.

Frenchvale, NS - Brent MacInnis

Situated in rural Cape Breton just outside of Sydney, NS, Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd. has been a mainstay of the community of Frenchvale for over 50 years. The company was established by Hugh MacInnis, Brent’s father, who started cutting and trucking roundwood to the local coal mines in 1967. Recognizing an opportunity, he shifted to sawing lumber for the mines and local retailers. Pulpwood at that time was shipped to Port Hawkesbury by rail and in 1980, they purchased their first truck, followed by a move into firewood production soon after.

In 1992, the company expanded its operations by providing a full range of silviculture services. With Brent’s succession to company owner in 1998, he introduced mechanical harvesting to their portfolio with the purchase of their first harvester as well as operating a gravel pit with a local construction company.

Today, Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd. operates with two harvesters, two forwarders producing 40,000 tonnes of softwood and 7,000 tonnes of hardwood annually. Along with their sawmill, two fuelwood processors, silviculture operation, road & bridge construction, two mulchers, two floats, 4 tandem trucks and two gravel trailers, they employ 14 full time and 12 seasonal workers, many of whom have been with the company for over 25 years.

  • Applying best practices to ensure safe operations is fundamental to the business; focused on maintaining open lines of communication, engaging employees in decision making, regular tail gate sessions, an orientation and mentorship approach for new hires, and enhancing safety features on existing equipment.

  • The harvesting and silviculture operations are supervised by a dedicated on the job manager and undertake a series of different prescriptions on Port Hawkesbury Paper’s Crown license as well as private stumpage lots. With the diversity of operations and 15 pieces of large equipment, a regimented maintenance program is followed including tracking and documentation, circle checks, oil analysis, and well organized and stocked service trailers and main service garage.

  • As a rural business, Brent is well respected and supports the local community and suppliers. Brent is engaged through forest industry advisory committees’, industry associations and remains cautiously optimistic about the future of the sector, however uncertain that may be.

  • Hugh’s entrepreneurial philosophy and approach to running a successful, sustainable operation has provided a solid foundation for Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd.; one that carries on prominently through Brent to this day. The commitment to applying key principles including ‘quality customer service, continuous learning, hard work, diversification, investing in your people and collaborative partnerships’, has resulted in over 50 years of success.

dbm logging ltd.

Doaktown, NB - Daryl and Brandi Munn

Meet Daryl and Brandi Munn of DBM Logging Ltd.; both lifelong residents of Doaktown, NB situated in central New Brunswick along the picturesque Miramichi River, an area of the region renowned for the River, its salmon, and the lumber industry. Daryl Munn got his start in the late 90’s as an operator building roads and in a flail operation, but it wasn’t until he spent a year in the sawmill that he found his niche and looked to starting his own business as DBM Logging Ltd. in 2013.

With the purchase of their first harvester back in 2013, today’s operation consists of two harvesters, a 20-tonne forwarder, pick up trucks and two service trailers. Operating primarily on JD Irving Limited freehold and Crown Lands, they harvest approximately 80,000 tonnes of wood products annually. The ambitious 120 SMH per week operation is accomplished with eight machine operators and a lead hand through a unique shift schedule, flexibility with cross training between machines, and a dedicated maintenance focus including oil sampling, daily checks, and detailed tracking.

      • The operation undertakes a variety of harvest prescriptions outlined in their work orders, but Daryl reinforces the importance of detailed pre-harvest site visits and planning.

      • Daryl’s passion and dedication to his business and employees is evident through his team approach, communication, and commitment to quality. He states, “I like where I am today”, but openly admits, that he is always interested in looking at trying new things. DBM Logging Ltd. was one of the first contractors to support JDI’s ‘Newcomer’ program by hiring a forwarder operator from Finland, now in his third year with DBM. They are also piloting the company’s newly designed on-board GPS & computer system syncing data from the harvester and forwarder functions in the harvest block.

      • The operation is truly a family business with one son working as a machine operator and Brandi handling the financial aspects through detailed maintenance cost tracking and documentation to support management decisions and business planning.

      • The company’s approach is ‘always wanting to do it right’, achieved through detailed planning, being on the job site everyday, & building strong working relationships with their employees. They are focused on running a safe & productive operation with a commitment to continuous learning and an uncompromising goal of both job and product quality. As long-time residents of the Village of Doaktown, they are well respected in their community, providing jobs and supporting local businesses.

STAO Foresterie Ltée

St-Joseph de Madawaska, Edmundston, NB - Steve Landry

Located in the “Republique de Madawaska”, situated along the upper Saint John River Valley, Steve Landry cut his teeth in the forestry business with his father back in 1999 as an operator and mechanic, and then supervisor. With his father as mentor, Steve was well poised to take over the family business in 2010 but it still remains a family affair to this day, with his father working part time as a machine operator and his mother looking after the business end.

Today, STAO Foresterie Ltee employs 6 operators with a unique double shift schedule harvesting 70,000 cubic meters per annum with two harvesters and a forwarder. The operation works predominantly on Acadian Timber freehold in the Green River District, working primarily in softwood stands prior to 2017. Steve saw an opportunity and shifted his equipment mix, developing an expertise in conducting hardwood and mixed wood stand prescriptions over the past 3 seasons. Acadian Timber are responsible for block layout and providing the prescription criteria which are communicated to the machine operators; most operations are ribbon-less with the operators utilizing GPS navigation in the harvesters.

    • Product optimization is considered key, typically producing over 12 different products within the same harvest blocks. In 2018, Steve took on most of the trucking from his operation, managing 5 sub-contractor self-loading logging trucks to ensure production is getting to customers in a timely manner.
    • When it comes to safety and environmental performance, Steve emphasizes that there is ‘no taking short-cuts’ in this business. With an experienced, skilled crew, supported by a rigorous scheduled maintenance program and a well-organized service truck, Steve can minimize production loss due to breakdowns. He recognizes the value of keeping records on production, preventative maintenance and repair - tracking costs in detail. Adding to this a unique equipment replacement business model – all leading to minimize down time and maintain or exceed production targets.
    • Steve is very hands-on, believing a key part of his role is to support his operators in achieving their targets. On the job-site everyday, his focus is maintenance and product quality checks with the assistance of his operators. He is well respected by the crew, being committed to providing his employees with a safe and productive workplace. The equipment is well maintained, wages are based on production and the crew are provided with benefits and transportation to the job site, resulting in very little turn over.
    • Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve maintains that the outlook for the industry is positive. He would like to grow the business, although finding good people will be key to achieving that growth and to sustaining a viable industry.

STAO Foresterie Ltée

St-Joseph de Madawaska, Edmundston, NB - Steve Landry

C’est le long du cours supérieur de la rivière Saint-Jean, dans la « République de Madawaska », que Steve Landry a fait ses premières armes dans les opérations forestières avec son père en 1999, d’abord à titre d’opérateur et de mécanicien, puis de superviseur. Avec son père comme mentor, Steve était bien placé pour prendre la relève de l’entreprise familiale en 2010, mais c’est encore aujourd’hui une affaire de famille, son père travaillant à temps partiel comme opérateur et sa mère s’occupant du côté affaires.

Aujourd’hui, STAO Foresterie Ltée emploie 6 opérateurs dans un horaire unique à double quart de travail pour récolter annuellement 70 000 mètres cubes de bois avec deux abatteuses et un porteur. Les opérations se font principalement sur des terrains privés d’Acadian Timber dans le district de Rivière-Verte, et avant 2017, avaient surtout lieu dans des peuplements résineux. Depuis trois ans, Steve a vu des possibilités et a modifié ses équipements pour développer une expertise pour les travaux dans des peuplements feuillus et mixtes. Acadian Timber est responsable d’établir le plan des blocs de coupe et de fournir les critères des prescriptions qui sont communiqués aux opérateurs. La plupart des opérations se font sans marquage et les opérateurs d’abatteuse utilisent la navigation par GPS.

      • L’optimisation des produits est considérée comme essentielle et l’entreprise façonne généralement une douzaine de produits différents dans un même bloc de coupe. En 2018, Steve a pris en charge la majeure partie du camionnage nécessaire à ses opérations avec cinq camions autochargeurs de sous-traitants, pour s’assurer que la production se rend à temps aux clients.
      • Quand il s’agit de sécurité ou d’environnement, Steve insiste pour mentionner qu’il ne prend aucun raccourci dans ses opérations. Pouvant compter sur une équipe qualifiée et expérimentée, sur un programme d’entretien rigoureux et sur un camion de service bien organisé, il peut minimiser les pertes de production dues aux pannes. Il reconnaît la valeur de la tenue de dossiers sur la production, l’entretien préventif et les réparations, faisant un suivi détaillé des coûts. Si l’on ajoute un modèle d’affaires unique pour le remplacement des équipements, on arrive à une réduction marquée des temps improductifs et à l’atteinte ou au dépassement des cibles de production.
      • Steve a un côté très pratique, car il croit qu’une partie importante de son rôle consiste à aider ses opérateurs à atteindre leurs cibles. Sur le terrain tous les jours, il se concentre sur la vérification de l’entretien et de la qualité des produits, avec l’aide de ses opérateurs. Déterminé à fournir à ses employés un milieu de travail sécuritaire et productif, il est très respecté par son équipe. La machinerie est bien entretenue, les salaires sont basés sur la production et l’équipe bénéficie de divers avantages et du transport vers le site de travail, ce qui donne lieu à un très faible roulement de personnel.
      • Suivant les traces de son père, Steve soutient que les perspectives pour l’industrie sont positives. Il aimerait développer son entreprise, mais trouver de bons employés sera essentiel pour réaliser cette croissance et maintenir une industrie viable.

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