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Our Mission

The Canadian Woodlands Forum, CWF, is a not-for profit membership based organization recognized for its commitment to effective, quality woodlands operations in support of sustainable forest management. The CWF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who commit their time to ensure that members benefit from the work done by the CWF. Day to day operations are administered in the CWF office by Executive Director Peter Robichaud and Administrative Coordinator Trinda Webster, along with Bruce Chisholm, Project Coordinator. The Mission of the Canadian Woodlands Forum is to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and profitability of woodlands operations, through an ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for communication and a means to exchange knowledge of best practices, technology and innovations that contribute towards sustaining a robust, safe, and environmentally responsible wood fiber supply chain.


  • Support contractors by promoting professionalism and best management practices;
  • Provide timely leading-edge information to our members;
  • Improve operational efficiency of woodlands operations by providing opportunities and means for exchange of information on forestry equipment, and forest management practices;
  • Promote principles of continuing forestry education as a basis for competent woodlands operations;
  • Foster cooperation and better relationships by providing opportunities to open lines of communication between forest stakeholders;
  • Provide information and programs to create and promote a safer and more attractive work environment for forest workers.



Jim Miller - Great Northern Timber

Yves O’Brien - Groupe Savoie Ltee.

Ian Johnstone - Wagner Forest Management Ltd.

Cassie Turple - Ledwidge Lumber Ltd.

Jason Casey - Elmsdale Lumber Co. Ltd.

Kevin Saunders - Port Hawkesbury Paper

Howard Russell - Chaleur Forest Products

Dustin Corey - Acadian Timber Ltd.

Jim Ketterling - JD Irving, Limited
Kent Dykeman Maibec Canexel

Additional IWC Members:
Delco Lumber and Crabbe Lumber are IWC members but choose not to appoint a director to the Board.


Ashlee Manning ALPA Equipment Ltd.

Ron Montgomery Tigercat Industries

Jake Urquhart Urquhart-MacDonald and Associates

Louis Maher John Deere

Bernard Daigle Canadian Forest Service

Dirk Nielsen Weiler Forestry

Jeff Bishop Forest NS



Dave Maxwell

Mike Shea ALICA

Stephen Marsters Timberland Holdings

Susannah Banks NB Federation of Woodlot Owners

Marcus Zwicker Freeman Lumber Ltd.


Billy Gillespie – W & R Gillespie Ltd.
Calvin Archibald – Next Generation Forest Management Ltd.
Neil Kenney – N.R. Kenney Logging Ltd.
Tim Blaney - Merle Wallace Ltd.
Daniel Reeves - Reeves Logging & Tree Farms
Mike Masters - Masters Forestry Limited


Chairperson – Dirk Nielsen, Weiler Forestry

Vice-Chairperson - Jason Casey, Elmsdale Lumber Ltd.

Past-Chairperson – Dave Maxwell, (retired)

Board Member – Tim Blaney, Merle Wallace Ltd.

Board Member – Yves O’Brien, Groupe Savoie Inc.

Board Member – Howard Russell, Chaleur Forest Products

Secretary – Peter Robichaud, CWF

Nominating Committee:

Dave Maxwell

Dirk Nielsen

Jason Casey

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