About Us

The Canadian Woodlands Forum, (CWF), is a not-for-profit membership-based organization recognized for its commitment to effective, quality woodlands operations in support of sustainable forest management.

Day-to-day operations are administered in the CWF office by Executive Director Becky Geneau and Administrative Coordinator Trinda Webster, along with Project Coordinator Peter Robichaud and Project Coordinator Bruce Chisholm.

Our History

Serving as the Woodlands Section of the former Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (CPPA), the mandate of the Canadian Woodlands Forum is well-rooted and in consideration of its former organization, has offered members of the forest industry information services since 1919.

The CWF is proud of its historical roots and looks forward to a sustainable future and an exciting year ahead!

Our Mission

The Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) is the only ‘grass-roots’ forest industry organization providing a network for forestry contractors, forest product companies, suppliers and ‘on-the-ground’ forestry personnel.

Our MISSION is to improve the efficiency and profitability of woodlands operations, through an ongoing commitment to fostering communication, providing a means to exchange knowledge of best practices and technology and innovations, and promoting the interests of woodlands professionals and contractors in order to sustain a robust, safe and environmentally responsible wood fiber supply chain.

2023 – 2024 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Chairperson – Dirk Nielsen, Weiler Forestry
Vice-Chairperson – Jason Casey, Elmsdale Lumber Ltd.
Past-Chairperson Dave Maxwell (retired)
Board Member – Tim Blaney, Merle Wallace Ltd.
Board Member – Yves O’Brien, Groupe Savoie Inc.
Board Member – Howard Russell, Interfor  
Secretary – Becky Geneau, CWF

Industrial Wood Consuming Mill/ Industrial Land Management Co. Members

Jim Miller, Great Northern Timber
Yves O’Brien, Groupe Savoie Ltée.
Matt Willett, Wagner Forest Management Ltd.
Cassie Turple, Ledwidge Lumber Ltd.
Jason Casey, Elmsdale Lumber Co. Ltd.
Kevin Saunders, Port Hawkesbury Paper
Howard Russel, Interfor Corp.
Dustin Corey, Acadian Timber Ltd.
Jim Ketterling, J.D. Irving, Limited
Kent Dykeman, Maibec Canexel
Delco Lumber and Crabbe Lumber are IWC members but choose not to appoint a director to the Board.

Associate Members

Dave Hillier, A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd.
Louis Maher, John Deere
Bernard Daigle, Canadian Forest Service
Dirk Nielsen, Weiler Forestry
Steven Moore, Forest Nova Scotia
Allain Santerre, Brandt Tractor

Regular Members

Dave Maxwell
Stephen Marsters, Timberland Holdings
Susannah Banks, NB Federation of Woodlot Owners
Marcus Zwicker, Freeman Lumber Ltd.

Contractor Members

Neil Kenney, NR Kenney Logging Ltd.
Ryan Scott, Scott & Stewart Forestry Consultants
Tim Blaney, Merle Wallace Ltd.
Daniel Reeves, Reeves Logging & Tree Farm

Our Team

Becky Geneau

Executive Director

Trinda Webster

Administrative Coordinator

Peter Robichaud

Project Coordinator

Bruce Chisholm

Project Coordinator

To accomplish our mission, the CWF provides a series of activities, programs and services which are required to satisfy the following goals that have been approved by the CWF Board of Directors.

  • Support Contractors and Operators by Promoting Professionalism and Activism – The CWF will foster professionalism of contractors and operators in the logging sector by recognizing outstanding achievements and creating opportunities to develop viable business entities through sound business, operational and environmental practices.
  • Improve Communication and Information to Members – The CWF will collect, compile and disseminate timely, leading-edge information to its members in a cost effective manner in order to help them manage their woodlands operations.  
  • Improve Operational Efficiency of Woodlands Operations – Provide opportunities and means for the exchange of information on machines, management systems and practices which will improve the efficiency, environmental soundness and safety of woodlands operations.
  • Promote and Support Continuing Forestry Education and Activism – The CWF will promote to its members, the principles of continuing forestry education as a basis for competent woodlands operations, and to foster forestry activism among members and allied organizations in order to educate the public about sustainable woodlands operations.
  • Foster Cooperation Between Forest Stakeholders – Foster greater cooperation and better relationships between industrial wood consumers, logging contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders by providing opportunities to open lines of communication and discuss how they can best work together to ensure the management of the forest resource and viability of the forest industry.
  • Improve The Forest Work Environment – Provide information and programs to create and promote a safer and more attractive work environment for forest workers and improve the image of forest work to the general public, and future workforce.
  • Ensure the means of sustaining & growing the organization  – explore and focus on operational efficiencies as an organization; continually improve services and the efficacy of CWF programs; develop a practical, cost-effective recruitment initiative to expand and grow the organization through membership.
  • Provide an advocacy role and lobby on behalf of the woodlands sector – Represent the interests and lobby on behalf of woodlands professionals & contractors on matters pertaining to woodlands operations.
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PO Box 1204, Truro, NS B2N 5H1

Phone Number

902 897-6961