Group Benefits, Retirement and Pension Program

Providing medical and financial security for your employees,
and peace of mind for you and your busi

Program Overview

Designed for members of the CWF, their employees, spouses and dependent children

Group Benefits Program

Medical and financial security for your employees, and peace of mind for you and your business.

Group Benefits are important, not only for the financial assistance, but for the security they provide for you and your family. In order to provide you with the best available service, the Canadian Woodlands Forum has partnered with Belmont Health and Wealth as the appointed plan administrator. Belmont Health and Wealth not only specializes, but is also a recognized leader in the administration of group benefits programs.

The employee benefits program is designed for members of the Canadian Woodlands Forum, their employees, spouses and dependent children.

Call today to ask how the Canadian Woodlands Forum Group Benefits Program can provide medical and financial security for your employees and peace of mind for you and your business.

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Attract Great Employees

Employee Benefits are a great way to attract great employees and keep them.

Stabilize Your Costs

Joining a network of like minded businesses working together to save on administration and claim costs.

Personalized Service

Our dedicated and knowledgeable administrator will ensure changes are up to date and take care of the day to day for you.

Simple Plan Design Options

We have simplified plan designs that work for your staff and your budget.

Group Retirement and Pension Solutions


A group retirement plan offers numerous benefits for employers and their employees, making it an attractive option for organizations seeking to enhance their workforce’s financial wellness and optimize employee attraction and retention strategies.

By implementing a comprehensive retirement plan, employers demonstrate their commitment to the long-term financial security and well-being of their employees, promoting a sense of loyalty and trust. Such plans play a pivotal role in retaining valuable employees by providing them with a convenient and structured approach to save for retirement, empowering them to plan for their future with confidence.

A group retirement plan also enhances an organization’s ability to attract top talent, as prospective employees value employers who prioritize their financial well-being.

Overall, a group retirement plan serves as a powerful tool for cultivating financial wellness, retaining existing employees, attracting new talent, and fostering a positive work environment that prioritizes the long-term financial security of all employees.

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