Fall Meeting 2023: “Innovate, Collaborate, Embrace: Navigating the Evolving World of Forestry!


On October 3rd and 4th, 2023, the Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) hosted an inspiring Fall Meeting at the Cineplex Theatre, Dartmouth Crossing, NS, with a resounding theme: “Innovate, Collaborate, Embrace: Navigating the Evolving World of Forestry!” The Elmsdale Lumber Company, our exceptional hosts, captivated the 140 participants with enlightening presentations and an amazing day in the field with demonstrations and sawmill tour.

A massive “Wela’lioq!” to our plenary session speakers and sponsors for their invaluable contributions at the 2023 CWF Fall Meeting. Your insights forged partnerships, sparked research, and presented diverse perspectives, illuminating the path towards managing our forests with knowledge and information. Let’s sustain this vital dialogue and work collaboratively for a future where our woodlands thrive sustainably! 

Session Highlights:

Innovative Opportunities

Explored innovative approaches showcased by Elmsdale Lumber Company, emphasizing the integration of modern technology for enhanced efficiency and recovery. The session further delved into the potential of mass timber, biochar, and pyrolysis for large-scale carbon capture.

The Value of Collaborative Partnerships

Gained insights into private land management from a woodlot owner’s perspective, discovered the role of social acceptability in sector strategy development, and explored forestry from a cultural standpoint.

Embracing Change – Thinking Outside the Box

Addressed the critical aspects of adapting to climate change through working forests, understood the intersection of carbon markets and silviculture, and delved into the evolution of “Triad Forest Management.” Additionally, explored modern forest planning for cultivating the next generation of forestry specialists and the transition from strategic to operational planning in support of ecological forestry.

Field Trip: Renfrew Freehold

Participants Embarked on a field trip that offered practical experiences, featuring demonstrations at a Multiuse Land base and showcasing considerations in managing diverse values. Witnessed operations such as Mechanized Stand Cleaning, Commercial Thinning with a Processing Head, and a Final Harvest, providing valuable insights into various forestry practices. Returning to Elmsdale Lumber Company Saw Mill, for a guided tour. All in all, a great two days!