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Membership Classes

Industrial Wood Consumers / Industrial Land Management

An Industrial Wood Consumer member is defined as a company with forest operations supplying raw material to a processing facility (pulp and paper mill, sawmill, OSB mill, veneer mill, MDF panels, energy plant, etc.). The annual rates are based on final product produced at the mill the previous year.

An Industrial Land Management member is defined as a company that manages the forest operations on a land base, but does not operate a mill of any kind. Dues are based on total volume of wood cut during a given year. Please contact our main field office to inquire about this membership.

Associate Members

This membership category is split into five different sub-classes based on the size of the company and whether or not they manufacture a product or are distributors of a product or service. The sub-classes are:

Associate Organization

Dues: $400/year

An Associate Organization member includes government departments, associations, academia, trade magazines and R&D organizations.

Associate Dealer/Supplier

Dues: $500/year

An Associate Dealer/Supplier member is defined as a company who distributes equipment and supplies or a supplier of services (i.e.: insurance, capital financing, etc.)

Associate Large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Dues: $2,000/year

An Associate Large OEM member is defined as a company who manufactures equipment and has worldwide operations.

Associate Medium OEM

Dues: $1,000/year

An Associate Medium OEM member is defined as a company who manufactures equipment and has national operations.

Associate Small OEM

Dues: $500/year

An Associate Small OEM member is defined as a company who manufactures equipment and products within a region.

Contractors (Corporate)

A contractor member is a company contracting its services to the forest-based industries.(Silviculture, harvesting, trucking)

Silviculture Contractors:
1+ employees          $75.00 + tax

Harvesting/Trucking Contractors:
1 to 3 Employees       $75.00 + tax

4 to 10 Employees   $150.00 + tax

11+ Employees       $300.00 + tax

Regular (Individual) Membership

A regular (individual) member is actively engaged in the forest-based industries, or in an organization closely related thereto; or in a scientific institution; or trade school relating to forestry; or with a consulting firm in the field of forestry.

Dues: $75 + taxes/year

Student Membership

A student member is pursuing a course of instruction in a university, technical school or trade school, related to the forest industries. Please attach an official proof of full-time registration for the current academic year.

Dues: $20 + taxes/year