Atlantic Outstanding Forestry Contractor of the Year

A project of the Canadian Woodlands Forum developed to promote and support independent contractors and operators who work in woodlands operations.

Deadline for nominations is September  30, 2024

Winners of the 2023 forestry contractor of the year awards

In the realm of forestry excellence, the Outstanding Forestry Contractor of the Year Award stands tall as a beacon of recognition for hardworking individuals. We honor those whose dedication and innovative practices in safety, forest management, timber harvesting, and business management contribute to sustainable forest resource management.

Every year, the Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) invites nominations for this distinguished award, seeking individuals who exemplify ingenuity and process improvement in the forestry sector. If you know exceptional forestry contractors shaping the future of sustainable forest management, we invite you to nominate them for this esteemed accolade.

Recipients of this award receive more than just acknowledgment; they receive:

  • Engraved plaque
  • Prestigious peavey
  • Lucrative cash prizes
  • Company profiles showcased in regional and national trade magazines
  • Complimentary registration at the CWF spring meeting
  • A one-year complimentary membership.

Above all, these winners are celebrated for their continuous improvements in business practices, inspiring and sharing their wisdom with fellow contractors.

Join us in celebrating these extraordinary individuals and their remarkable contributions to sustainable forest resource management. Let’s honor the best in the forestry industry, who are shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees!

The forest industry congratulates you and your employees for a job well done, and wishes you continued success in your businesses. Many thanks to everyone who assisted in delivery & supported the program in any way.

Congratulations to BROPHY TRUCKING LTD.

Winner of the 2023 Outstanding Trucking Contractor of the Year!

Adrian Brophy & Calvin Brophy
Upper Blackville, NB
Nominated by: Interfor

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The Legacy of Brophy Trucking Ltd: Three Generations of Forestry Trucking Excellence

Calvin and Adrian Brophy represent the third generation of forestry truckers, carrying forward a legacy that began over 70 years ago with their grandfather. From humble beginnings with single axle straight trucks to the present-day operation of Brophy Trucking, their family’s commitment to the forestry industry remains unwavering. Let’s delve into the story of Brophy Trucking and how they continue to excel in the forestry hauling business.

Family Roots

Brophy Trucking was officially incorporated in 1977, with their father Merlin and his two brothers playing integral roles in its establishment. Today, the company remains deeply rooted in family ties, with Adrian, Calvin, their mother Faye, and Calvin’s wife Jill managing all office duties. The family tradition is set to continue with the next generation, as two sons have expressed interest in joining the business.

Hauling Operations

Hauling over 220,000 m3 annually to markets in central and northern New Brunswick, Brophy Trucking operates a fleet consisting of 4 self-loading quads and an additional 6 company trucks. Under Adrian’s skilled control, a large high-rise cab Cat tracked loader efficiently manages the operations, with 2 “spare” loaders available to mitigate potential downtimes. The fleet is comprised of Kenworth trucks and predominantly Manac trailers, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Commitment to Safety and People

With nearly four decades of operation, safety remains the primary focus at Brophy Trucking. Operating on a buddy system with the self-loading quads, the company ensures constant communication and vigilance to prevent accidents. Moreover, a strong sense of employee ownership and mentorship fosters a culture of longevity and stability within the workforce. Recognizing that people are their greatest asset, Brophy Trucking places a high value on retaining experienced personnel and providing unique compensation incentives.

Efficiency Through Experience

Adrian and Calvin’s hands-on approach to management ensures that operations run smoothly and efficiently. By being actively involved in the day-to-day tasks, they understand the challenges firsthand and implement strategies to overcome them. From setting aside Friday afternoons for maintenance to ensuring open lines of communication through company radios and cell phones, Brophy Trucking prioritizes proactive measures to enhance safety and productivity.

Brophy Trucking’s journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a respected name in the forestry hauling industry exemplifies the power of family, dedication, and innovation. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and employee well-being, they continue to pave the way for future generations in the forestry trucking business.


Winner of the 2023 Outstanding Logging Contractor of the Year!

Saint Joseph de Madawaska, NB
Nominated by: J.D. Irving, Limited

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Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc: 2023-24 Winners of the Logging Contractor of the Year Award

We are thrilled to announce that Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc has been named the 2023-24 Winner of the Logging Contractor of the Year Award. This prestigious honor recognizes their exceptional contributions to the forestry industry and their unwavering commitment to excellence. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable family forestry business and their journey to success.

Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc: A Unique Family Business

Based in Saint Joseph de Madawaska, NB, Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc is a truly unique family forestry business. Led by Luc and Kathy Jalbert, the company combines decades of experience with a strong family ethos. Luc oversees the operation full-time, while Kathy divides her time between the office and the job site, operating a harvester for two shifts per week. Their son, Pierre Luc, has recently joined the company and is currently in training, ensuring that the family legacy continues to thrive.

A Legacy of Excellence

Luc’s journey in forestry began in 2002, and he transitioned to operating machines in 2007. Both Luc and Kathy honed their skills alongside their neighbors, Edwin and Steve Landry, before venturing into contracting for JDI in 2014. Starting with their first harvester, a Tigercat with a Waratah head, their operation has grown significantly. Today, they boast two John Deere harvesters, an 853 and an 859 (levelling upper), equipped with Waratah 622 heads with top saws.

Achievements and Production

Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc’s production is nothing short of impressive, with over 100,000 tonnes harvested annually. This remarkable feat is accomplished through meticulous planning and execution, with 11 overlapping shifts per week and a keen focus on efficiency. Safety is paramount, with no lost time incidents recorded since the inception of their contracting work in 2014.

Innovative Practices and Safety Protocols

Luc’s passion for harvesting is evident in his dedication to developing efficient methods and safety protocols. Collaborating with JDI and NHRI, he has contributed to the development of training videos and operating procedures for partial treatments and steep slopes. Luc ensures that safety measures are in place for every aspect of the operation, from job site assessments to equipment maintenance.

Recognition and Commitment to Employees

Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as they are one of four contractors company-wide classified as “Elite” by JDI. This recognition reflects their dedication to quality and professionalism. Moreover, their commitment to employee welfare, including health insurance and transportation to job sites, fosters a supportive work environment and contributes to low turnover rates.

Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc exemplifies the best of the forestry industry, combining expertise, innovation, and a strong family ethos. As the 2023-24 Winners of the Logging Contractor of the Year Award, they continue to set the standard for excellence and inspire others in the field.