Atlantic Outstanding Forestry Contractor of the Year

A project of the Canadian Woodlands Forum developed to promote and support independent contractors and operators who work in woodlands operations.

Nominations are now closed


Welcome to the Prestigious Forestry Contractor of the Year Award!

In the realm of forestry excellence, the Outstanding Forestry Contractor of the Year Award stands tall as a beacon of recognition for hardworking individuals. We honor those whose dedication and innovative practices in safety, forest management, timber harvesting, and business management contribute to sustainable forest resource management.

Every year, the Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) invites nominations for this distinguished award, seeking individuals who exemplify ingenuity and process improvement in the forestry sector. If you know exceptional forestry contractors shaping the future of sustainable forest management, we invite you to nominate them for this esteemed accolade.
Recipients of this award receive more than just acknowledgment; they receive:

  • Engraved plaque
  • Prestigious peavey
  • Lucrative cash prizes
  • Company profiles showcased in regional and national trade magazines
  • Complimentary registration at the CWF spring meeting
  • A one-year complimentary membership.

Above all, these winners are celebrated for their continuous improvements in business practices, inspiring and sharing their wisdom with fellow contractors.

Join us in celebrating these extraordinary individuals and their remarkable contributions to sustainable forest resource management. Let’s honor the best in the forestry industry, who are shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

Coyawin 2023

Nominations are now closed
Join us at the 2024 Spring Meeting where we will announce the 2023 nominees and winners!

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